From playing in ensembles and bands, recording studio and live projects at Duquesne University, performing with the Red Masquer theatre group, running sound in Manchester, New Hampshire, and working at Sweetwater Sound Inc., John has gain very valuable experience as an engineer, musician, and professional in the music industry. 

In the Spring of 2017, John was asked to accompany the Voices of Spirit choir across Pennsylvania to record the choir in Johnstown and Philadelphia. During this tour, John would film and record the choir singing in various spaces. This tour proved to John that he had a passion for doing live recordings as well as studio recordings because he found that the choir did not alter their performance integrity just because there were microphones in front of them.

The Red Masquers reached out to John in the Spring of 2016 about playing bass for their production of “Avenue Q” in the Fall of 2016. John, being a brother of the same fraternity as Technical Director Justin Sines, agreed to perform in the production. From there, John has continued to build a relation with the organization, even after graduation, by assisting in all maintenance issues, sound and light board operation, and his guitar performance and acting debut in the Spring of 2017 production of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”. John’s favorite interaction with the Red Masquers has been his performance in “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” because it combined his passion for punk-rock music, theatre, and performing on his guitar.

John enjoys being able to be on both sides of the glass in the studio because he uses his knowledge as a musician while engineering and vise versa. John’s favorite session that he has played on is his performance with vocalist Kate Kratzenberg on a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Outside of the studio, John and Kate have performed as a duo across Pennsylvania.

Outside of his studies at Duquesne University, John was a live sound engineer at the North Hills Community Baptist Church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. John was hired as a senior in high school and has worked at the church all through his collegiate career. At NHCBC, John has engineered large and solo performances, performed himself, and redesigned the way the church runs its audio needs.

John  was selected to intern in Manchester, New Hampshire at the historic Palace Theatre. At the Palace, John performed as the guitar and instrument tech for the production of “Million Dollar Quartet”, assistant engineer in youth productions and cover band performances, and head engineer and programmer for the professional summer series. While gaining experience from working in a professional setting, John also enjoyed all the traveling he got to do while in the New England area.

Immediately after graduation John moved to Fort Wayne, IN where he was hired as a Sweetwater Sales Engineer and went through Sweetwater University: a thirteen week employee training program of intensive audio and instrument training from coworkers and vendors such as Avid, Yamaha, Techrep Marketing, Sound Marketing, and more. John’s favorite moment in Sweetwater University was when he got to learn about the University of Notre Dame’s extensive audio set-up across their sports facilities first hand at the university. While working at Sweetwater, John continued producing and recording projects with his coworkers and fellow musician friends.

Currently John is the Production Director for Calvary Church in Irwin, PA where he leads a team a volunteers to support the technological needs of the weekly service as well as doing the full light design for the weekly worship set. On the side John still freelances as a stagehand with IATSE and MediaQuest in Pittsburgh.